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The Beauty Guru, provides an opportunity for personal development for every race and sex. Marie's motto is to "Love Yourself For Who You Are". Marie is a practicing Life Coach, Massage Therapist, and Esthetician. She has a B.A. in Complementary and Alternative Health, and M.A. in Health Care Administration from Ashford University. Marie provides life coach sessions via the telephone or online upon request. Her main focus for life coaching is on health and wellness, beauty, personal development, relationship, empowerment, and spirituality as well as many other issues.

Contact Marie today for a free consultation @ 1 (732) 773-7548. 

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  • Single Sessions- $55/per one hour session

  • Beautify - $79/month 
This package provides (2) one hour long sessions per month for those women seeking to tweak their lifestyle and improve their overall well-being.

  • Perfect & Polished - $118/month
Want to go the extra mile? This package includes (3) one hour sessions per month. Women who wish to perfect and polish their lifestyle by changing negative habits into positive habits and revamp their life.

  • Total Transformation-$158/month 
Thinking about how to transform every aspect of their life? This package includes (4) one hour sessions per month. Women who want to optimistically change their every thought, every word and their actions in order to cultivate new and greater heather habits which will lead to their greatest success and the reflection they deserve 100%.